Makers Mill is a 10,000 sqft building partitioned into different workspaces and studios for makers of all types.

Below is a summary of the spaces we currently have available. Our goal is to be responsive to community interest and need, so these spaces are destined to evolve accordingly.

Some basics

  • Workspaces are available to Shop Members only.
  • Others may enjoy these spaces during one of our public classes or our monthly “open studio” nights, both of which you will find on our events page.
  • If you want to see which tools and equipment are available in these spaces, go check out our tool inventory at MyTurn.

About consumables

When we talk about consumables, we are referring to the screws and nails, blades and bits, nuts and bolts, paper and paints, soldering wire and filament, etc., etc., etc.; all the things that come with the territory of making, fixing, and repairing.

  • In most cases, Shop Members are responsible for procuring their own consumables.
  • If what you need is here, however, it is available for your use at Makers Mill. 
  • More about etiquette and policies related to consumables is found in the Shop Member Handbook and Orientation.

Workspace & Resource List


We have a great woodshop for the novice, hobbyist and professional alike.  There are basic power tools including a table saw, miter saw, band saw, jointer, belt sander, router, scroll saw, drill press, and grinder.  We also have plenty of hand tools like chisels, hand saws, clamps, levels, hammers, drills, etc.  Most notably there is a high-end dust collection system and some great work bench spaces.   While there might be some hardware and stock up for grabs at any given time, Makers Mill does not generally supply these consumables for members.  More about woodshop policies, ettiquite, and training is all found in the Shop Member Handbook and


The metalshop is the shop that is the least built-out so far, but we’re working on it (and if you want to help, we could use it!).  That being said, we do have a foot shear for cutting sheet metal, a brake, a tig welder, a bench-top bandsaw for cutting iron, and grinders and buffers.

Bicycle Bench

A workstation for fixing and maintaining your bicycle - so you can get out and enjoy the winding rural roads or the nearby single track trails established by Wolfeboro Single Track Alliance.  This work bench includes all your basic bike maintenance tools, including a stand, a couple pumps, and a tire truing tool.

Ski Tuning Bench

Details coming soon!

Metalsmithing & Jewlery Making

The metalsmithing and jewlery making committee has been working diligently to setup a fabulous shop for hot and cold connection metalsmithing work.  There are two acetylene tanks and flex shafts, rollers, loads of

Electronics & Robotics

We have a electronics corner with 4 soldering stations and “quad-hands”, power supply, step motors, circuit boards, etc.  Bring in your arduino boards and raspberry pi’s to play with and let’s have some fun!

Shipping & Packaging Station

One of our goals is to help incubate small business and serve as a stepping stone between an operation that might have outgrown your kitchen table, but not yet ready to rent your own building.  WIth this in mind, we’ve created a shipping and packaging station that has a thermal label makers, scale, computer with shipping software, and lots of random packing material.  We hope entrepreneurs find this useful to scale up and add some ease to growing their business.

Computer Lab & Rapid Prototyping

Our computer lab has a handful of desktop computers, a couple 3D printers, and a GlowForge laser engraver/cutter.  We plan to supply these computers with software of interest like Fusion, CAD programs, Photoshop and Illustrator, etc. We also have several Cricut machines that reside in abutting Mixed Media space, but they straddle the categories so we’re describing them here too.


We have a small kitchenette were members are welcome to make a cuppa’ coffee or tea, warm up their lunch, use the fridge, or just hang out at the “water cooler” to catch up on local maker gossip.

Fiber Arts

Our Fiber Arts space is in the large area upstairs shared with Mixed Media and Fine Arts.  This is a beautiful open space with great daylight.  The Fiber Arts space has several basic Janome sewing machines, a serger, two embroidery machines, two floor looms, a large cutting table, and lots of other fun fiber arts tools.

Mixed Media & Craft

The Mixed Media and Craft space is chock full of paper craft and cardmaking tools and supplies.  We have a really cool die cutting systems with loads of dies for cutting paper, vinyl, or whatever is needed.  We also have several Cricut machines, which are essentially the CAD-equivalent of the manual die cutter.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts studio is also within the large open room upstairs, the one with all the natural daylight! We are working on acquiring a set of easels and stock of paint brushes, but we certainly have enough to get started.  There is also a utility sink in this space for washing brushes.

Large Flex Room (downstairs)

We have a large area downstairs that we refer to as our “flex” room, because it’s meant to be flexible.  This is where we gather for tours and orientations, it is where we wil host Fix It Clinics and Member Mingles, and it’s a space that can be utilized or rented by other community groups or businesses.  When the space is not reserved for an event or class, there are sections which can be rented by the day or week by Shop Members for working on large projections, like building a table or huge robot.

Small Flex Room (upstairs)

We also have a small “flex” room upstairs where we will have regularly scheduled career and business coaching

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