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While the contractors’ hammers are still swinging here at Makers Mill on Bay Street, the programs committee is busy planning details for next year’s classes at the makerspace in woodworking, metalworking, fiber arts, fine arts and crafts, jewelry making and metalsmithing, digital fabrication, and media/IT technology. The goal is to open the doors next summer and welcome the community to a place in which it’s fun and fulfilling to tinker, fix, repair, invent, build, design, produce, craft, iterate, and innovate.

Each step of the Makers Mill creation story, starting back in 2017, has invited the community to guide and inform the process: the visioning events, the surveys, the feasibility studies and strategic plan, all these benchmarks were reached with input from volunteer community members who imagined creative ways that the Makers Mill Makerspace & Vocation Hub could serve the specific needs and aspirations of Carroll County.

All that creative energy was funneled into architectural designs for the building and the various work spaces within it.  And now we’re almost there – those designs on paper have morphed into real bricks and mortar renovations, and the current focus is on planning for an opening day next summer with a menu and schedule of programs available. 

Once again, we are inviting you to guide this important next step of program development by sharing what sorts of classes, workshops, and programs would interest you and draw you to Makers Mill.  The results from this short 5-question survey will be used to determine program topics and logistics. With feedback directly from our constituents, Makers Mill can put together an offering of programs that are aligned with your interests and needs. 

And last but not least, as a token of our appreciation, anybody who responds to the survey by the end of this year will be entered into a drawing for a six-month free membership to Makers Mill once the doors are open.  It’s a win-win!

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