Tools & Equipment

See things in-person during a tour

The best way to learn about our tools and equipment is to attend one of the Open House Tours that happen every Friday and the first Saturday of every month, 10am - 11:30am.  This way you can get a firsthand look at what is available. Visit our events page to find a date and RSVP.

Browse our inventory online

But if you want a quick glance right now, view our inventory on the MyTurn platform, where we are working on listing and categorizing all of the tools and equipment available.

You can search this Inventory based on category, equipment status, whether it is for on-site use only or part of the Tool Library (from the Inventory page, on the sidebar under Status, select "Tool Library Item").

Using the Tool Library

Our Tool Library is just like it sounds - service that allows you to “check out” tools for your own use at home, just like you would a book at your local library. This service is free for our members, but can also be accessed independently for $150 per year. If you are not ready to be a member, but would still like access to the Tool Library check out the application here and give us a ring at the office or stick a check in the mail with the signed form.

Do you have tools or equipment to donate?

We are always looking to add and upgrade tools and equipment for the makerspace.  Because space is limited, however, we do have to be selective.

Check out our Wish List

Have a look at our Wish List to see if there’s anything you’re ready to part with (or purchase!) that we might need. Occasionally we might accept items that are not on our WishList, but could be saved for our annual Tool & Rummage Sale Fundraiser.

Or Contact Us

You can also simply give us a call and describe your items, or send us a description with photos to

Whatever the case may be, before you decide if you’re ready to part with your great grandfather’s metal lathe or singer sewing machine, have a look at our In-Kind Donation Acceptance Policy, which in a nutshell just says that once it’s donated, we are able use, sell, or dispose of the item in whatever way best fits our mission and goals.

Whatever you do, please do not drop off random tools or equipment at our doorstep without checking in with someone at the office first.

Thank you!

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