The Upcycled Fashion Show Returns

Upcycled fashion show in Wolfeboro, NH.

 Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural Upcycled Fashion Show, the Governor Wentworth Arts Council (GWAC) and Makers Mill are once again collaborating to present the event this year on Apr 22, 2023, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the Kingswood Arts Center. The event is funded in part by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. 

How to register ….

Those interested in designing an upcycled wearable garment from recycled or repurposed materials to present in the show have until April 11 to sign up online at  Registration is open to all ages as an individual or part of team, and is free.

Tickets for those who would like to attend the event are already on sale at the same website address:, and range from $5-$15.

What is upcycling…

Upcycled fashion is not only a hot trend just now, but it also reflects the mission and value of the two presenting organizations: celebrating ingenuity, environmental awareness, and community spirit. 

While necessity, the mother of invention, may be the driving force behind many recycled or repurposed products, people are also choosing to upcycle as a way to find or make something that is unique and represents an expression of their own individuality. Transforming the old into the new, and in the process increasing its value, is what upcycling is all about.

Additional learning classes offered …

Makers Mill and Governor Wentworth Arts Council (GWAC) are also collaborating on a series of three fun and creative classes during February and March that focus on making a wearable clothing item made from recycled or repurposed materials. The classes are designed for all, whether you’re new to design and sewing, or proficient, and while they are not a requirement for participating in the show, they could support those prospective show designers.  All classes will be held at Makers Mill, 23 Bay St, Wolfeboro and are $45 each for GWAC and Makers Mill members and $50 for non-members.

The series is called “Energize Your Closet.”  The first class is “Mend It” on Sunday, February 19, between 1-3 PM.  Find out how to decide whether to repair or replace a zipper and how to do it. Learn to sew on buttons and repair button holes; when to patch and when to stitch holes in clothing; change your hemline for pants and skirts; and ways to deal with worn cuffs and necklines. This class will include hand sewing or machine sewing solutions depending on your personal skills.

The second class, “Make it Fit”, is on Sunday, March 5, 1-3 PM.  It focuses on altering and repairing your garments.  This can be great for someone who has lost or gained weight, or who has garments that need to be lengthened, shortened, or given a new look.

The final class in the series,  “Minding Your Knits” on Sunday, March 19 between 1 -3 PM will show you new ways to think about your knit garments, how to remake or repair worn knits and rejuvenate your sweaters. Learn when to hand stitch and when a sewing machine or serger is needed.

If you have any questions, specific needs, or feedback, please reach out to Liz Helfer at or Carol Holyoake at

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