The Little Project That Could: Support Makers Mill June 11-12 on NH Gives Day (5pm-5pmET)

volunteers gather outside Makers Mill celebrating its opening and gearing up for phase two construction and NH Gives Day

Wolfeboro, NH – The story of Makers Mill is one of passion, community, and the belief that even the smallest initiatives can have a monumental impact. What started as a simple vision has grown into a bustling hub of creativity and innovation, thanks to the unwavering dedication of volunteers, donors, and partners. Now, as we approach NH Gives Day on June 11-12, we have a golden opportunity to support this incredible project and help it reach new heights.

The Journey of Makers Mill

Makers Mill began with a dream to create a vibrant space where people could come together to learn, create, and collaborate. Over the past year, this dream has become a reality. Makers Mill has hosted hundreds of classes in a wide range of disciplines, including woodworking, machining, metalsmithing, jewelry making, weaving, embroidery, mending, upcycling, digital design, leather working, watercolor, paper craft, abstract acrylic art, 3D printing, welding, stained glass, robotics, and electronics.

But Makers Mill is more than just a place for workshops and classes. It’s a community hub where people of all ages and backgrounds can receive professional support and guidance. A certified career counselor is available weekly to help individuals with their career pathways, and a business advisor from the Small Business Development Corporation offers support to entrepreneurs. The Mill has also hosted the Farmers Market, Cub Scouts, 4H Robotics, Wolfeboro Robotics, Kingswood Youth Center, Girls Leadership Camp, and Wolfeboro Chamber.

The Need for Phase Two

The success of Makers Mill’s first year has brought to light the limitations of its current facility. To continue meeting the growing demand for vocational training and career development opportunities, significant upgrades are needed in Phase Two of construction for the 23 Bay St. building. Phase Two focuses on three main areas:

Safety Improvements

The most pressing safety improvement is replacing the poorly constructed second-floor deck, which serves as the fire egress from the second floor.

Technology Upgrades

Makers Mill inherited outdated computers that cannot handle the software needed for meaningful workforce training. Phase Two includes the construction of a dedicated digital design and fabrication lab for training in CAD design, automation, animation, coding, and more.

Accessibility Improvements

A large focus of Phase Two is improving accessibility and parking. These improvements will bring the Mill into greater alignment with its accessibility values and meet local code requirements.

The Goal

Our goal is to raise $25,000 during the 24-hour donation drive on NH Gives Day. These funds will help unlock Makers Mill’s full potential for vocational training and career-building opportunities. Thanks to the support of a dedicated volunteer committee and generous matching of funds by supporters, we are closer than ever to achieving this milestone.

How You Can Help

The public is invited to help Makers Mill reach its goal and continue making a significant difference in the community. From 5pm on June 11 through 5pm on June 12, please visit NH Gives – Makers Mill and make a donation. Every contribution, regardless of size, will bring us one step closer to realizing our vision.

About NH Gives

NH Gives, hosted by the NH Center for Nonprofits, is the state’s largest day of giving. It unites hundreds of nonprofits and thousands of donors to raise money and awareness for New Hampshire’s nonprofit sector. This 24-hour event allows Granite Staters to support the nonprofits that benefit their communities daily.


Makers Mill stands as a testament to the power of community and the incredible impact that a shared vision can achieve. By supporting Makers Mill on NH Gives Day, you are not just contributing to a project—you are investing in the future of our community. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

Join us in supporting Makers Mill. Donate 5pm June 11 – 5pm June 12 and be part of something truly special.

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