Stained Glass

Our stained glass space is conveniently located on the ground floor and is shared with Metalsmithing as well as Electronics & Robotics: there’s plenty of room for these activities to collaboratively take place!

Studio Layout

Step inside and you'll find a large collaboration work table, where classes often begin and students can get to know each other.  In the center of the room are 8 individual bench spaces equipped with task lights. Look to the wall and see our ‘hot bench’ with an industrial ventilation system where the soldering takes place. A separate workspace is set up for the glass grinders and lighbox, and a utility sink is located along the back wall.

Equipment & Supplies

We have 8 sets of hand tools including cutters and pliers; pattern shears; soldering irons with tips and holders; foil dispensers; fids; 3 glass grinders with a variety of bits; a Moreton system, honeycomb cutting boards, fibrous boards for assembling and soldering, and a large lightbox.

There’s a large supply of pencils, crayons, and patterns to inspire you and boxes of free scrap glass to play with.

 Consumables: While members are typically asked to bring their own project supplies, the studio does keep a stock of cutting oil, foils, solder, flux, patinas, and finishing products which may be used for a small fee.

A large selection of glass is also available for purchase.

Working Independently

If you have taken classes or you are already experienced at making stained glass, you may be proficient enough to work independently in the shop.  You will first need to undertake a shop orientation and be familiar with all the safety sheets posted throughout the space, and the etiquette of how to use the collaborative shared space.  You can arrange to do this during the shop’s Support Hours.

Physical Requirements

Working in the stained glass studio requires average strength and mobility. Students stand to do their work for at least a third of the average class.   It can also involve fine detailed visual close-up work, so we recommend reading glasses for those who use them.  If you have any questions about your ability to participate in a particular class, please contact us to discuss ahead of time.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Safety glasses are required at all times while working in the studio and additionally, masks are required when grinding and soldering. Disposable gloves must be worn when working with the chemicals such as flux, patinas and finishing products. You can bring your own safety items or use ours.

A Creative Space

But it's not just about the tools – it's about the projects too! Imagine designing and crafting a one-of-a-kind stained glass masterpiece to adorn your home. With guidance from our expert instructors, you'll learn the techniques and skills needed to turn your ideas into reality.

So why wait? Whether you're a seasoned maker or a curious beginner, our stained glass studio welcomes all who are eager to explore this beautiful, timeless art.  Join us for a class, become a member, and unlock the door to a world of creativity!

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