Programs & Partners

Makers Mill is open to all levels of makers: students, hobbyists, and professionals; providing a place where people feed off one another’s interests, curiosity, enthusiasm, ideas, feedback, and projects; and facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and learning exchanges.

Transformational Programs & Classes

The Makers Mill is your Oyster!

Enter the building with an idea or goal; be met with tools, equipment, mentors, collaborators, and a creative working environment; and leave the space with a new skill, or maybe a product prototype, or a lead on an apprenticeship, or a business plan.

Ongoing programs will include:

  • WORKSHOPS & CLASSES - build a chair, design a website, weld a plant holder, create earrings, craft a silver ring, work with circuit boards, fabricate or laser cut a load of possibilities - you get the picture.
  • TOOL LENDING LIBRARY -   borrow a few tools for a project at home.
  • FIX IT CLINICS -  learn how to mend, fix a broken appliance, lamp, yard tool, or upcycle old materials.
  • TOOL TRAINING - learn how to use tools and equipment safely, and some tricks of the trades.
  • ENTREPRENEUR PITCH EVENTS - think local Shark Tank!
  • SEASONAL TRADITIONS - Seed and Plant Swaps, Make a Halloween Costume, Wreath Making, Winter Boot Repair, Yard Tool Sharpening, DIY Ski Tuning and Bicycle Tune-Ups, Tool Sale Fundraiser.

Resources for Professionals, Businesses & Entrepreneurs

  • Coordinate workforce training help close the skills-gap so businesses can grow, especially for the trades sector.

  • Credentialing and portfolio-building opportunities

    ...that support career mobility and transition.

  • Affordable entry points for entrepreneurs rapid prototyping, fabrication, and an inspiring co-working space to help launch and pursue their own business.

Our Future Partners & Collaborators

Our goal at Makers Mill is to build upon and complement existing efforts in the ways of supporting career pathways, workforce development, and the arts.

We are excited to continue forging partnerships with those institutions already doing the work:

A Welcoming & Collaborative Environment

  • Maintaining an inspiring shared working and learning environment

    ...and facilitate peer-matching where people feed off one another’s interests, curiosity, enthusiasm, ideas, feedback, and projects, facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and learning exchanges.

  • Providing a platform for people to teach and share skills

    ...developing appreciation, visibility, and income for their respective craft.

  • Creating a sense of community and belonging

    ...among makers, strengthening relationships and resiliency that we can draw on when facing the inevitable ups and downs of being human.

Local & Global Connections

We didn’t invent this whole makerspace thing.

In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing “industries” around, with more than 1,000 across the country, all looking a little different based on unique community interests and needs.  New Hampshire already has fourteen of its own dedicated makerspaces comprising the NH Makerspace Network, of which Makers Mill is a participant.  As a member of Makers Mill, you become part of a network of people and organizations across the globe with shared values and goals.


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