Wilma Huertas


Justin and Wilma are enthusiastic participants in Makers Mill who have been setting up and working to develop and maintain the Digital Design and Fabrication Circle. As Justin reports, they have focused mainly on “getting the electronic circles off the ground.” Justin and Wilma were first introduced to Makers Mill through a newspaper article while the Mill was still under construction. This community-based project immediately caught Justin’s attention, and he kept checking the status of the Mill as to the availability of hobby space when it opened.

Justin reports that when he and Wilma showed up for their tour, Josh told them that no one was running the Digital Design and Fabrication Circle. That information immediately opened things up for both of them since that is where they had acquired a great deal of experience. Justin and Wilma signed up to volunteer immediately. Wilma reports that Justin actually had dragged her to the tour, but she was immediately drawn to the energy that pervaded the Mll and decided she wanted to help out in any way she could.

Up to now, Justin and Wilma have mainly focused on the Digital Design and Fabrication Circle while also spending time on some personal projects, i.e. Justin testing the Glowforge and printers and Wilma taking a sewing class she describes as “really fun.”

Both Justin and Wilma cite summer as their favorite season here in the Lakes Region. They love the outdoor activities the summer offers after being “stuck” inside through the winter months. Both are also invested and active in their own hobbies. Justin likes to “tinker” with electronics and coding work on his Tacoma overland/off-road rig. He also spends time fixing up his house, engaging in woodworking projects, and playing PC games. Wilma likes cooking, painting Gounche landscapes, and playing strategy and urban planning games.

In addition to their volunteer involvement with Makers Mill, both Justin and Wilma are still actively employed. Wilma is a product designer in the educational technology industry, and Justin is a data analyst in the manufacturing industry. However, their greatest shared passion is their love of travel and discovery.

Both Wilma and Justin profess and celebrate this love of the travel life. Both of them celebrate the joy of “being on the road.” Justin’s goal now is to be able to travel full time. To this end, he is actively trying to figure out how to establish multiple side incomes to facilitate and accommodate this passion they share. Presently they have a few social media outlets that cover their travel expenses under Lakeshore Travel.

In terms of her long-term goals, Wilma’s dream is to open an after-school art studio for grade school children.

Presently, Justin and Wilma have a 1.5-year-old golden retriever who, Wilma reports, is full of love and energy. In return, Wilma affirms that their beloved pet is “super spoiled rotten!”

Justin and Wilma express a deep appreciation for the opportunity Makers Mill has brought into their lives. Justin observes, “I think Makers Mill provides people with a social setting where they can both make new friends and learn new techniques and skills that they would not have had the opportunity to acquire working individually. It also provides participants with the expensive equipment that they may not be able to afford on their own.” For Willma, the Mill brings a community of people together to support one another in pursuing their interests and hobbies. “That’s the basis of a healthy community at any stage in life.”

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