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Stina Kindwall


Welcoming Circle

Stina Kindwall is an enthusiastic member of Makers Mill who loves greeting visitors and helping out at the front desk. Appropriately, she is a current member of the Welcoming Circle. Stina has recently returned to the Wolfeboro area after having lived for fifteen years in Guadalajara, Mexico. While in Mexico, she taught English at a private middle and high school. Prior to her life in Mexico, she lived in San Francisco and worked in the high tech industry as a global project manager. She has now settled into her family’s lakefront property on the Wawbeek Shore near Melvin Village. Stina had spent her childhood summers there, working for her grandparents at their summer resort.

Stina first heard about Makers Mill before it had even opened. She was immediately interested when she learned there would be a woodworking section at the Mill. “I loved my seventh grade woodworking class and jumped at the chance to get into a wood shop again to learn new things.”

Since joining the Mill, Stina has been involved in setting up and designing the Welcoming Circle. She is also a participant in the Repair Cafe. In all these activities, Stina recognizes and appreciates the leadership and inspiration Josh Arnold provides with his openness and dedication to creative community building. “The energy at Maker’s Mill is great. It fosters a positive, welcoming, and open environment. It also encourages us to ask important questions about how we can best engage in human and community interaction.”

Stina’s favorite time of year is summer. She is an avid gardener who enjoys tending her grandmother’s original perennial garden. She also loves learning about our local ecology so that she and her family can become better stewards of their lakefront property.

Stina jokes that she has a codependent relationship with her dog, Sadie, a “purebred Mexican street dog” that she rescued from the side of a highway in the Mexican jungle.

A fun fact that Stina shares is that she used to be the only female taxi driver in Madison, Wisconsin, where she attended UW-Madison.

Stina deeply values the opportunities the Mill offers to the community. “In addition to all the creative energy there, the Mill offers great opportunities for socialization. It is a positive environment that invites and nurtures open sharing and communication. I have met some phenomenal people, and it has meant the world to me.”

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