phyllis macdonald

Phyllis MacDonald


Phyllis MacDonald is a volunteer at Makers Mill who is enthusiastically grateful for the opportunities the Mill has give her creative spirit in an interactive community life.  As a New Hampshire native, she has lived in various Lakes Region towns, but the home where her children were raised and went to school was Moultonborough.  Now, in retirement, she resides at the Ledges in Wolfeboro which she characterizes as “a quiet community where people get along and feel blessed.”

Phyllis has a great companion to keep her company.  Her cat, Pearly, is a rescue from Florida.  She describes this beautiful girl as “all black, a black pearl.”

For a fun fact, Phyllis affirms that when she was younger, she was an excellent slalom skier and enjoyed traveling to the North Country (and Yellowstone) for a snowmobiling adventure.

IN 2019, Phyllis opened the doors to her shop, “Décor Fleurish” on Lehner Street in Wolfeboro where she offered her own hand-painted furniture, one-of-a-kind home décor items, artwork, and vintage finds.  She also helped others with their own home projects and provided custom service to those wanting to give a facelift to their home décor.

When Phyllis closed the doors to her shop in 2022, she reassessed how she would spend her retirement and ventured over to the Makers Mill for a tour.  She subsequently joined the Mill and now serves on the Fine Arts Circle.  She is excited about being involved in this inspiring community and helping the Makers Mill grow in membership.

At the Mill, Phyllis offers classes in a variety of mediums including chalk paint, acrylic paints and sprays, air dry clay, stamping, decoupage, collage, paint inlays and upcycling.  Phyllis’ imagination has had her creating in one way or another since she was a child, and she doesn’t plan to stop learning how to do more.  She says her passion is making something out of nothing.  Her motto, a quote by Elsie de Wolfe, is “I will make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”

Serving on the Fine Arts Circle ar Makers Mill involves attending meetings once or twice a month and volunteering time to help organize and come up with some fun projects to offer to the community.  As a retiree, Phyllis is grateful for the opportunity to stay involved and is dedicated to her involvement in teaching, answering questions, and just being available to help others with their creative ideas.

“Makers Mill brings people together to share their passions and common interests.  It’s a place for artistic expression and making new friends.

So here is an invitation!  Come and mingle!  From Phyllis’ perspective, Makers Mill offers a great opportunity to learn and create, meet and mingle, and make “something out of nothing.”

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