Makers Mill Board President, Matt Trahan

Matt Trahan


Past Circle Member

Matt grew up all over New Hampshire but always found himself coming back to Ossipee. Always in search of a new experience, Matt was never really satisfied with college…


He went from a Sports Management degree to Finance and Economics and eventually just gave up and did his own thing. In 2009 he co-founded Sap House Meadery along with his cousin. Together they make and sell meads, or honey wines, in Center Ossipee with locally sourced ingredients and a lot of fun. While it started as an extreme hobby, it has evolved into a bustling and growing business. Being from Ossipee, their over-arching goal of the business is to be a catalyst to attract more businesses and growth in their hometown. Their products are available in seven states and folks come from far and wide to tour the Meadery and enjoy a tasting.

While always cognizant of the importance of buying local and fostering your community, it was not until Matt started Sap House that he was able to feel the tangible effects of those philosophies. Working directly with farmers, other local businesses, and the local government presented many opportunities and challenges. Those opportunities and challenges are what have drawn Matt to G.A.L.A. as they work to discover and apply creative means to make the world a better and more sustainable place. Matt is also on the Board of the North Conway Farmer’s Market and the Ossipee Budget Committee. (He’s crazy.)

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