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Linda Hilton


Past Circle Member

Linda Hilton is a former member of the IT team at Makers Mill.   During her time in this role, Linda worked on research, the administration of google docs, the solving of printer problems, and the creation of “how to” videos designed to help Makers Mill folks find and share documents.  Often, Linda reports, she is able to do this work at home, but she values this “coming together” time at the Mill.

In 2014, Linda retired from her work in Information Technology at the Vermont State College system and moved to Wolfeboro where she and her husband owned a home. She was already familiar with Wolfeboro since she had worked at the Wolfeboro Camp School in the 1980’s and always loved to bring her children to the area when they were small so they could enjoy places such as The Bubble, Brewster Beach, and the public library.

Linda discovered Makers Mill through an article in the Granite State News asking for volunteers.  Her reaction was “What a cool idea!!”  She knew immediately that she wanted to volunteer realizing that it would not only be “fun” but would also offer her an opportunity to meet people in the community.  “And, of course, it also appealed to the engineering side of me.  I am the sort of person who likes to tinker with both electronics and software, and to solve problems,” she adds.

When asked what her favorite season is, Linda smiles.  “The seasons? I love all of them.  I love the change.  And winter? I love the snow.  I love to snowshoe.”  She also enjoys the waterways that surround the Wolfeboro area for boating and kayaking.

As for hobbies and interests, Linda gardens, sews, works on paper crafts, and is an avid cook.

When asked to share other interesting facts about her life, Linda reports that one outstanding fact is that she is the oldest of roughly one hundred first cousins from a large Indiana family.

Here in Wolfeboro, Linda is an active member of St. Katherine Drexel Parish.

“My faith calls me to serve, and I hope that my behavior demonstrates that commitment to service.”

Her discovery of Makers Mill immediately drew her in! “I learn a lot, and in the process of volunteering, I gain a lot as well.  I see a number of opportunities that the Mill presents to the community:  It’s a resource for someone who wants to create/repair/build something but may not have the tools or spaces to execute that.  It’s a place for folks looking to acquire a skill, such as sewing or paper crafts or jewelry making.  It’s a gathering place for people with similar creative interests.  And in the future, it can be an incubator for someone looking to grow an idea into a small business!  I’m so glad for this opportunity to be a small part of the Makes Mill and to support the good work of everyone involved!”





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