Makers Mill Treasurer, Ivette Babylon

Ivette Babylon


Past Circle Member

Since moving to Wolfeboro in 2005 with her husband, Mike, Ivette has been working and volunteering with organizations such as Assistance Canine Training Services, the Lakes Region Humane Society, and the Women’s Business Enterprise Counsel in Boston.


Ivette has a BS degree from the University of Florida and a Masters in Professional Accounting from The University of Texas and has her own consulting business offering financial consulting services.  With 30 years of work experience in finance and accounting, Ivette is currently the bookkeeper for Makers Mill.

Ivette enjoys gardening and has practiced sustainable living in her own household for over 20 years, composting food waste, collecting rainwater, and conserving energy.  Ivette is committed to helping develop educational programs and activities that generate community involvement and excitement over simple and sustainable living.  When not working, Ivette can be found in her garden, sailing, horseback riding, cycling, or with her dogs, Misty, DeeDee, and Camden.

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