Volunteer Eli Roxby

Eli Roxby


Past Circle Member

Eli lives in Wolfeboro with his wonderful wife and daughter. He is a mechanical engineer, carpenter, and tinkerer, and is most interested in the woodshop, carpentry, building projects, and getting the tools up and running and fixing ones that don’t work. Eli has been volunteering with Dave (Bolduc) and Mark (Hempton) at Makers Mill on many projects already. Eli’s job now is stay at home dad but he is in the market for a job with less diapers and more pay. Eli is passionate about energy efficient and sustainable building practices. Some say he is the fastest mountain biker in the Pilot program. If there is a plan to design and build a CNC router Eli would like to be a part of that project. Eli’s favorite ice cream is peanut butter chocolate, although he is interested in trying some of TK Kennedy’s homemade vanilla.

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