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Building & Property Circle

Diane Cooney is a passionate and deeply dedicated member of Makers Mill who has been a significant contributor to the development of the center.  Since March, Diane has been involved in painting the interior of the building which, she reports, is now “pretty much done.”  As a member of the circle for Fiber Arts/Crafts Flex, she is also working to set up the space for this activity and get it ready for opening. 
When asked what drew her to Makers Mill, Diane recalls having seen the GALA signs at the site some time ago but being initially unaware of what it all meant until she saw an article in the paper looking for volunteers to join this new project. When she looked into what was happening, she was immediately drawn to the center reporting, “It piqued my curiosity as it seemed to offer an opportunity to learn and share. I could see this as a great addition and benefit to the community, and I wanted to be part of it.”  Subsequently, Diane has found her participation in Makers Mill to be highly rewarding and highly gratifying.
A firm believer in life-long learning, Diane affirms that one is never too old to learn something new. She also confesses that she is a “computer geek” who loves to explore and dabble in new software features, writing code, Photoshop and Illustrator, and the graphic arts. She is currently learning to improve her photography skills and is exploring the possibilities of doing contract work. Additionally, in response to her desire to contribute to the wider community, Diane has inquired about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and the Lakes Region Humane Society.
When asked what she does for fun, Diane shares her passion for kayaking, biking and hiking.  She has been kayaking over twenty years now on the many lakes and rivers of the Lakes Region and is working toward hiking the Ossipee 10 and 52 With a View. She deeply values the hiking groups she has joined describing them as “very supportive.”  In winter, Diane also engages in snowshoeing and down-hill skiing but has yet to try cross-country, affirming she might now decide to “take a lesson.”  
Diane’s many hobbies include sewing, knitting, paper crafts and gardening. She is also a “fanatic pottery collector” who seeks out unique handmade pieces signed by the artists.  She reports she has lost count of how many pieces she now possesses, but she affirms it is “way too many”  explaining that she and her husband frequently picked up pieces when they traveled.
Fall is Diane’s favorite season here in the Lakes Region.  She loves the colors, the brisk fresh air, the harvest and agricultural fairs, and, of course, the lack of bugs. A favorite companion in her life is her cat, Shady, who “thinks he’s a dog.”  Shady was rescued from the Lakes Region Humane Society and is now thirteen.  As Diane affirms, he remains “full of energy” and has been “a joy to have around.”
Diane deeply values and appreciates her involvement in Makers Mill. She is eloquent in her praise affirming that the Mill “inspires creativity, collaboration, ideation that allows folks in the community (young and old) to share interests and learn skills in craftsmanship and the trades in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. It’s an addition to an already growing trend of maker spaces that will hopefully expand and is very exciting to have in Carroll County.”  In a final evaluation of this inspiring project, Diane leaves us with this lovely affirmation. “Makers Mill is a welcoming coming-together of people you may not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.  It provides a space for the community to gather and build new friendships.”

Diane’s favorite ice cream flavor is Maple Walnut!

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