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David Scarborough


Mission Circle (Board) and Advancement Circle

“I have a lot to be optimistic about. I am getting in touch with what I want to do! Not what I SHOULD do! What I WANT to do,” proclaims Dave Scarborough enthusiastically referring to his new living situation as a retiree at Silver Lake in New Hampshire and a member of the board at Makers Mill. Dave feels that his connection with Josh Arnold and the Mill is a gift. “Josh is remarkable. He is building a positive, interactive world around him. A community! And now I am in a place where I can use my time and skills to give back to the community.”

Dave Scarborough was born and raised in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He studied electrical engineering at Purdue University, earned an MBA at the Sloan School at MIT, and worked in Silicon Valley where he met his wife Tracy. After nearly twenty years in California, Dave and Tracy moved to Oregon where they settled down and raised their children in a small rural town in the Columbia River Gorge

While still in Oregon, Dave learned about Josh and Makers Mill through friends of Josh’s wife. Dave was immediately attracted to what Josh was doing and signed up to be on the mailing list for Makers Mill. After returning to New England and settling into his retirement home at Silver Lake, NH, Dave came together with Josh to tour Makers Mill and was drawn into the positive and creative interactions of this inspiring “community center.”

Dave’s favorite season is spring. He does reluctantly admit that he wants to love winter more, but the seduction of spring is powerful. “Spring is a time of renewal, a renewal that leads into summer and fall.”

Dave’s favorite hobbies and activities include serving on community-based boards and spending time and energy outdoors. “Everything I’m doing now is fun. Serving on boards is giving back to communities. My goal is to help build community life. I want to take part in that effort.”

Outdoors Dave loves to hike, ski, and ride bikes. He also loves rowing and swimming. As far as hobbies are concerned, Dave now appreciates the opportunity he has through Makers Mill to get back to woodworking. He adds, “I also want to see what I can do with welding.” In essence, Dave sees retirement as an opportunity to explore past interests.

As far as pets are concerned, Dave reports somewhat remorsefully that he and Tracy have no such companions right now. He asserts that they have always had dogs, but it has now been four years since they have had a canine pet. “We do deeply miss that presence, but now we feel we have to ask ourselves if it is fair to have a pet dog when we are still into traveling internationally.”

There are some fun facts about him that Dave is willing to share. He affirms that he scuba dives, and he also celebrates the fact that he soloed an airplane at the age of sixteen. Now he says he considers taking up flying again. Additionally, Dave has “jumped on the pickleball wagon” and is now playing pickleball regularly.

Dave draws on his experience as president of United Way of the Columbia River Gorge for ten years in his current non-profit board memberships. He is a board director for SLAM (Silver Lake Association of Madison) which has the mission of monitoring and protecting the quality of water life around Silver Lake. Dave is the secretary and advocacy liaison tasked with mobilizing SLAM’s 350 members to make their voices heard by NH state legislators on issues related to preserving water quality in NH’s 900+ lakes. He is also a board member of the homeowners association where he and Tracy live on Silver Lake.

Dave is presently serving as treasurer at Makers Mill and experiences a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity the Mill gives him to contribute to community building through the sharing of creative talent and abilities. He celebrates the fact that Makers Mill brings people together in ways they might not otherwise have discovered. It allows people to be creative and to work with their hands. It fosters a sense of renewal by supporting creative spirits in repairing rather than replacing. Assessing his own present dedication in life, Dave affirms, “I am committed to doing the right thing.” For Dave, joining Makers Mill and participating in this regenerative community-based activity is indeed “the right thing.”

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