Makers Mill Board Member Dave Bolduc

Dave Bolduc


Past Circle Member

Dave reports that he chose to move from Manchester to Wolfeboro because he wanted to live in a centralized community, a community that encouraged and nurtured an interactive exchange of community life.  Subsequently, after his retirement from his career as a builder in 2002, he bought and renovated a summer cottage on Crescent Lake. Here in his new location, he continues to engage himself in his beloved hobby with woodworking projects he carries out in the woodworking shop he constructed in the basement of the cottage. 

In addition to his love of this hobby, Dave also loves the summers in Wolfeboro when he can enjoy boating on the lake. One of his main sources of enjoyment is gathering his two grandchildren together and climbing into his boat with them to enjoy this beautiful lake environment he so appreciates.  He reports that he even likes the storms finding them to be “magical.”  Dave does admit that he experiences some sadness when this beautiful summer season draws to a close.

Another primary source of affirmation and gratitude for Dave is his involvement with the town of Wolfeboro itself for which he has served as a member of the Heritage Commission and with Makers Mill where he continues to contribute his construction skills. He recalls that when they were first hiring architects to work on the Mill, he reached out to Josh Arnold to offer his services.  He was subsequently invited to join the Board of Makers Mill where he served for two years.  At the same time, as the center was being developed, he was able to carry out woodworking projects through to design phase at the  Mill. 

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