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Christin Kaiser

Volunteer and Instructor

Metalsmithing & Jewelry Circle

“Any time you bring a group of creative, generous people together, the impact on the wider community spreads out like a ripple from a stone dropped into water. Maker’s Mill has such a vast array of talented and caring artists at its core the resulting influence can only be a positive one,” says Chrisy Kaiser, an active and highly motivated member of the Mill who is presently serving on the Jewelry Metal-smithing Circle and also helping coordinate communication between the different shops and members of the Mill.

Chrisy has known Josh Arnold since 2010 and has watched the “maker space” evolve under his guidance, an accomplishment that drew both her and her husband, Kurt, to this inspiring project. Chrisy affirms that she has been a sculptor from her early teens and has spent a great deal of time sharing studio space with others, so she has developed a comprehensive understanding of both materials and the creative process involved in such activities. Prior to the C-19 pandemic, she was also involved with jewelry making for three years and subsequently is able to recognize the exceptional accommodations she is able to enjoy at Makers Mill.

In essence, Chrisy finds the physical plant of Makers Mill to be awe-inspiring and affirms that it is “without a doubt one of the best organized and supplied spaces” in which she has ever had the privilege to practice her creative skills. Assessing her own deep connection to the opportunity offered by the Makers Mill, Chrisy affirms, “I’m interested in too many disparate crafts, so I rarely get all I want to do done. Having Makers Mill available has helped channel my processing into manageable portions. I can build my bee-hive and finish that sewing project and return to

silversmithing, all while doing my gardening, which in season is the most important work for me. I can function as a member of the Mill and still have time to care for my livestock and grow things as I solve problems around the farm. It is a fulfilling and enabling experience.”

When asked about her favorite season, Chrisy reports that although she loves spring and fall, since she’s a gardener/farmer; each season allows for many heartfelt activities. She does admit that she doesn’t do well in heat and humidity. However, she finds winter to be a time of contemplation and planning, a time when she can indulge in her various art projects. Chrisy enjoys drawing and writing and is an “omnivorous” reader.

As far as pets are concerned, Chrisy has always had cats and dogs. In her younger years, she was a professional horsewoman. As a sustainable farmer, she has cared for a house cow, an ox, pigs, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits, draft and riding horses, plus a pair of llamas, and, recently, milk goats. Right now she has just chickens, a cat and dog, plus her several garden plots.

When asked about a fun activity she has experienced, Chrisy shares a special trip she made in 2015 when she traveled to Australia both to visit her older sister in Tasmania and also to take David Holmgren’s two-week residential Permaculture Design course in Rocklyn, Victoria. David is the co-creator of the worldwide permaculture movement. Chrisy reports that the visit was intense and “a long way from home.”

In addition to her involvement with Makers Mill, Chrisy also carries out several other professional and volunteer roles in the community. She is an Advanced Master Gardener in the UNH County Extension Service for Carrol County. She also designed, built and has managed the Wright Museum of WWII Victory Garden. She states that this year she will be rebuilding the fertility and structural components of the garden. The produce from this living exhibit is donated to the local Food Pantry. She is also the social chairperson for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Additionally, Chrisy has spent over four decades in retail activities, many of them involving hardware or building materials. This involvement and a Halloween birthday won her the nickname “ Hardware Hag” which was conferred on her by her male coworkers. “I love ‘fixing things’ and finding a ‘work-around’ when there doesn’t seem to be another solution. I credit this ability to my mother (an RN) who could fix anything and also to my ability as a sculptor to ‘see’ within the physical problem.”

Chrisy Kaiser is an active “doer” and caretaker. A highly inspired creator and conversationalist, she is a committed member of Makers Mill who is deeply and energetically driven by her dedication to the generative aspect of the human community. As she says, “I highly recommend everyone come in for a tour of the Mill as you won’t know what you might like to do or try unless you observe what’s going on and meet the great supportive members already involved. I’ve taught art in the past, and I can guarantee people that everyone CAN create, and it is without a doubt the most enriching/satisfying feeling you’ll ever experience. **Maker Endorphins are the best!”

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