Cheryl Barnes

Cheryl Barnes


Metalsmithing & Jewelry Circle

Passionate, enthusiastic, and highly articulate, Cheryl Barnes is a relatively new participant at Makers Mill who is presently involved in the Metalsmithing Circle. Highly impressed by the level of commitment the Mill members demonstrate and loving the continuous buzz of activity within each of the circles, Cheryl also plans to participate in several of the weekly “support”  hours. Additionally, to become more efficient and effective in assisting people when they come to the Mill, Cheryl has been doing some “treasure hunting” in the Metalsmith Shop so she can learn where things are and what equipment and supplies are available.

Cheryl Barnes was introduced to Makers Mill by Deb Ryan whom she met at a Castle in the Clouds event.  Deb was one of the key people in setting up the metalsmithing space. In response to their initial exchange, Deb invited Cheryl to take a tour of the Mill with special attention directed at the jewelry section. Cheryl’s reaction was immediate.  “I was hooked.” Indeed, she was! She reports that she actually felt honored to be invited to join the Metalsmithing Circle shortly after becoming a member.

Cheryl’s favorite season is fall. She affirms that she loves the “sterling days of sunshine glowing through the trees” when the insects are gone and the air still provides some warm days that can be spent outside.  Fall also calls up memories of her early years growing up in Gilmanton. “Fall meant coming home to my mother’s beef stew and homemade muffins.”

Cheryl’s principal hobby has been making jewelry.  Based on this hobby, she has involved herself in craft fairs meeting people, sharing her creativity, and often teaching this craft to others.

As far as pets are concerned, Cheryl and her husband have two cats which they rescued from a horrendous situation.  She refers to them as “rescued rag dolls.”

As far as a surprising fact is concerned, Cheryl shares the fact that she has driven a motorcycle since the early 1980’s. A female riding a motorcycle at that time was groundbreaking!  Also at age 12, her dad taught her to run a backhoe and bulldozer in her yard in Gilmanton.

Cheryl Barnes has led an interesting professional life dedicated to the welfare of others. In 2018, she was awarded the title of Nurse Administrative Leader in the Northeast Region of the US by the National Association of Directors of Nurse Administration.  She began her professional preparation by attending an RN diploma program at Concord Hospital.  During her professional life, Cheryl noted early on that many people seem to hand over their personal power/responsibilities in maintaining their health to the health care system depending on the doctor and professional staff to make all the decisions and “fix” health issues with medications and surgery. She studied several alternative/complementary therapies that were more effective in treating long-term chronic health issues and sought to encourage people to personally participate in taking charge of their own wellbeing by monitoring their diets and developing their own exercise programs.

Cheryl also worked in a nursing home where she fell in love with geriatrics and subsequently became Director of Nurses for thirty-eight years out of the forty-seven years of her RN career.  She retired in 2020 from fulltime employment and presently works per diem in a local nursing home. Through the elder associations (NHHCA & NHARCH}, Cheryl also continues teaching patients how to fill out a mandatory form for the State as well as offering classes in assisted living facilities.

Cheryl deeply admires the way Josh Arnold and Carol Holyoake have expanded the offerings of Makers Mil by inviting the larger community of Wolfeboro to take advantage of the monthly Repair Café. She also respects the way Josh encourages Makers Mill participants to participate in this shared activity. Additionally, Cheryl appreciates the fact that the mission of Makers Mill includes decreasing our human footprint on the earth by recycling/repairing items rather than always producing more. Cheryl affirms, “The Repair Café offers the public a sense of what Makers Mill is all about.  It is a microcosm that ripples out to affect our community, consistently making small but effective positive changes. People can talk about effecting change, but Makers Mill and its people are doing it!  They are communicating in words and action to spread this profound and highly motivating sense of community involvement and support.”

In essence, since her retirement, Cheryl Barnes has certainly found new sources of stimulation and gratification. She has upscaled her jewelry making skills to an artisan rather than a craft level and is now able to share that skill and artistry at Maker’s Mill where she experiences a great sense of affirmation and gratitude for her involvement.  Cheryl deeply admires and appreciates what Josh Arnold has built and nurtured.  “Josh’s great skill is initiating a conversation that draws out ideas and thoughts from the participants. Josh then provides the sunshine and water to nurture and grow these seeds, these ideas, into positive action.  Makers Mill inspires me. It encourages me to share more. It gives me an outlet for sharing.”  Cheryl believes in the philosophy: What you give out, you get back!  She adds, “And more!”

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