Carol Holyoake, Assistant Director

Carol Holyoake


Program & Events Director, Program Circle Leader

Management Circle, Program Circle, and Marketing & Communications Circle

A world-traveler since age one, Carol has lived and worked in Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia creating a diverse portfolio of skill sets and cultural competencies…


She now calls Wolfeboro home and her connection to GALA goes back to the first potluck gathering back in 2006 when locals came together to discuss ways to “think globally and act locally.” Since that time Carol has been a GALA board member, volunteer, Americorps VISTA, and always a committed ambassador.  Driving Carol’s passion for working with GALA is the heart-centered desire to build community that acknowledges the connected relationship between people and place. Nothing could make her happier than being part of the team creating GALA’s Makers Mill!

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