Bruce Farr

Bruce Farr


Advisory Council

Lakes Region Technology Center

Bruce Farr, Principal of Lakes Region Technology Center, has been in the field of education for over 40 years. Lakes Region Technology Center, located next to Kingswood Regional High School, is one of the twenty Career and Technical Education (CTE) Centers attached to local high schools in the state.


It has fourteen programs ranging from Health Science to Advanced Manufacturing. As such we provide students to graduate with entry level skills and/or preparation for advanced studies at both 2 and 4 year institutions. Bruce has a BS in Social Studies, MA in Occupational Education and is certified to three academic areas and school administration. He brings to the board 30 years experience in Agricultural Science instruction including a wide variety of course content, leadership in program development and has guided the renovation/creation of four school facilities. In addition, he is a director of the National Milking Devon Association and operates a small farm in Northwood NH

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