bobbie stave

Bobbie Stave


Bobbie Stave, brings an enthusiastic and highly motivated creative spirit to Makers Mill. She also brings thirty years of teaching experience in art which in later years ultimately included the teaching of computer art and photoshop. A graduate of Western Illinois University, Bobbie spent fifteen years of her teaching career in Illinois and another fifteen years in Westchester, New York. At Makers Mill she serves on the Circle Team for Fiber Arts and Mixed Media sharing her passion for both creative work and community involvement.


When asked about her favorite season, there is no hesitation on Bobbie’s part. October stands out as a significant marker in her life. It was in October that she married her husband Bob as they stood on the newly constructed open floor of the house they were building in the Orchard neighborhood in Wolfeboro, NH. Bobbie had met Bob in Westchester where he was teaching science.  However, Bob’s family was from Wolfeboro, and he soon set about designing and building a home for them on a plot of land in the beautifully located Orchard neighborhood.  On the morning of October 10, 1993, Bobbie and Bob were married there on that plot of land standing together on that open floor. They followed the ceremony with a lunch at the Wolfeboro Inn and then took a trip around the Bay on the Judge Sewall to extend and honor this celebratory event. Although Bob passed away two years ago, the memory of this celebratory October event still lights Bobbie’s eyes and draws her seasonal appreciation to the month of October


At the present time, in addition to her involvement with Makes Mill, Bobbie serves as the vice president of the Wolfeboro Garden Club helping with communication. She prepares their newsletter and works with the president to bring programs and speakers to the club which meets regularly at All Saints Church. Bobbie deeply enjoys the bonding with this “nice group of women.”


For fun, Bobbie reports that she likes to “hang out” with her dear friends from her high school days. She loves visiting them in Maine, Florida, Chicago, California and Rock Island, Illinois.


Bobbie’s hobbies involve “anything to do with fibers.” She sews, weaves, and does needlepoint.  Additionally, she loves to spend time with her two pets, her “spoiled” papillon dogs.

A fun fact Bobbie is ready to share is that her nickname is “Cookie,” a nickname she acquired back in Illinois. She reports that when she subsequently moved to the East to teach in middle school, she was asked if she had a nickname.  However, the principal refused to accept the moniker “Cookie” and instead called her “Bobbie.  It was then established. “Bobbie is my East Coast name,” she affirms.




Bobbie established her relationship with Makers Mill recently through her friendship with Jean Flannigan and Cindy Durkee. Jean and Cindy ran the Upcycle Fashion Show which was supported by the collaboration between Makers Mill and the Government Wentworth Art Council.  This connection brought her into contact with Josh Arnold whose GALA group ultimately became Makers Mill.  Bobbie attended the workshops Jean and Cindy ran and subsequently became involved as a volunteer with the Mill.  Here she found the connection she was seeking where “brush and mortar” could be brought together in a sharing community of creative activity and interaction.

In assessing Makers Mill, Bobbie affirms that “it’s all about community, a community in which the participants are interested in and value who you are.” She also states that Josh and Carol are community creators.  “Makers Mill is like the old neighborhoods in the Midwest. It certainly makes a difference in this community. At Makers Mill, we find people who want to make a difference, people who want to learn, people who see the glass half full instead of half empty, people who are not caught up in the desensitizing and divisive effect of the media.”

Bobbie is full of gratitude for the opportunity for renewal the Mill has given her.  “It all has a certain feeling.  I am back in the art building on the college campus.  I am full of excitement and about to create and share new ideas.  Being around these creative people makes me feel good. It releases endorphins.  It is the new town square.  The coffee shop.  That is Makers Mill.”

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