picture of Bill Kriete in a green polo shirt by a chop saw

Bill Kriete


Woodshop Circle

Bill Kriete was introduced to Makers Mill through Facebook when he saw it referred to in the community pages. Bill, who had previously built his own woodworking shop, immediately responded to this opportunity to join a makers space. He remembers the day he was in his boat in Back Bay in Wolfebboro and saw the Makers Mill building in the state of becoming. Bill acted immediately and is now fully involved at Makers Mill trying to “figure out” the best role he can play and how he might help develop the space for woodworking and establish the safety and flow of this creative hand work.

Bill was born in Massachusetts, attended high school in Milton, and subsequently served in the military. Presently, he and his family live in Barnstead, NH, on ten acres of land on which they engage in many family projects. Bill’s son is finishing high school, and his daughter is in college at Great Bay where she edits written texts, recently published a textbook, and is completing a degree in research psychology.

Bill’s favorite season is the fall, a season he actually refers to as a “season of anxiety” as it involves getting ready for winter. During the fall, he spends time picking up and admiring the colorful leaves and loves driving down roads to witness this dramatic and beautiful change of season.

Bill’s hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, and woodworking. He is also actively involved in both playing and coaching soccer. Bill reports that he reaches out to athletic directors to offer his support and coaching skills and loves to take part in both pickup games and the games of travel teams. He also reports that a surprising fact about his soccer life is how people perceive his age. He says his white hair can be deceptive. “People are surprised at how well I play soccer with this white hair.” Bill’s reaction is a smile.

Bill Kriete’s participation at Makers Mill could be considered the living out of his dream. “I always wanted to open a shop on my own. Always wanted to do woodworking. When my children were young, groups would gather in my shop to help with birdhouse kits. It was a source of simple joy.”

Makers Mill presented that promise of joy and fulfillment and drew Bill in immediately. He remembers the moment he experienced the call to participate actively in developing the Mill and helping it become more solidly established. It happened to him when he first saw the Makers Mill woodworking shop. “I noted that one of the main saws was on loan. I worked toward getting a saw donated, and then I built a bench for it.” The bench, like Bill, had “settled in.”

Bill is now focused on making the working space at the Mill more efficient. He also deeply appreciates the opportunity the Mill provides for him to meet together with others to share thoughts and ideas. “I love working with others to pull together a master plan so we have a common goal.”

Presently, Bill is working to figure out what classes he can offer noting that he wants to have the shop in better shape first and then be able to present ideas to the group. In essence, he wants to help provide the opportunity for people to become involved in making things, in using their hands, in putting down their iphones and becoming actively and physically involved with this creative work. Under these conditions, Bill is certain that “people will come.”

When they do come, Bill Kriete is ready and happy to share what he knows and to keep growing as a learner himself. As in his experience with coaching, Bill is grateful for this opportunity to do this sharing. For him, as maker and coach,, “sharing is winning.”

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