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Advancement Circle

Amanda King is a highly active member of Makers Mill who serves as leader of the Fine Arts Circle and member of the Advancement Circle.  Amanda also maintains studio space at the Mill where she loves to paint abstract art and work with acrylics on canvas.  Previously, Amanda was a librarian by trade.  She reports that she likes doing research and loves helping the community through these research activities.

Amanda, her husband, and their two children moved to New Hampshire from Texas two years ago and established a home on Pleasant Valley Road.  There she initially settled into being a “busy mom” seeking to develop community relationships.

Amanda’s favorite season is fall, and one of her hobbies involves her dedication to turning her art into a business. She also engages in many fun activities including watching documentaries on tv, most recently documentaries on art history.  She also loves to watch international films and t.v. productions, take walks when the weather allows, and drink mint tea.  “Nothing fancy,” she says with a smile.

Amanda does have a pet, a cat named Fluffy, who, she affirms, is “very fluffy and much loved.”

Presently, in addition to her activities at Makers Mill, Amanda is slowly reaching out and exploring what else she might want to do in this community.

As far as a fun fact is concerned, Amanda reports that she loves to laugh at things.  “I like really goofy, quirky humor.  I’ll find humor everywhere.  I will make a joke about anything.  I’m always looking for something ‘funny’! I love to ‘people watch’ and find human nature to be very humorous.”

Amanda heard about Makers Mill when she was serving in her role as library director.  She subsequently toured the Mill and found it to be “awesome.”  “I wanted to come back and stay busy with the Mill, so I contacted Josh,” she reports.

Now she is working on the Advance Team with Josh helping line up goals for the advancement of the Mill moving forward.  In this capacity, she is looking for possible grant funding and trying to begin work on grant research.  “I actually enjoy this part of my work at Makers Mill, and it saves Josh a lot of time.  I am willing to write things up,” she proclaims, adding, “I also work with the Fine Arts Circle to fund the shops.”

Amanda is deeply dedicated to helping people.  “I am a huge believer in the positive impact people can have in supporting one another.  I want to help people be successful and respected in their lives.”

Amanda believes that Makers Mill creates a highly rewarding sense of pride in the community.  It helps build a sense of strong community relationships.  “People need to feel a sense of place where they can create things and experience that sense of pride and fulfillment.  Makers Mill creates and nurtures that sense of pride.”

Amanda feels that this sense of community connection is an essential part of our humanity.  When asked why people are so willing to participate in these activities, Amanda responds that we are “hard wired” for a small village atmosphere.  She believes people long for this connection.  “That is what I was creating in the library space in my career as a librarian.  It was my artist self creating that village atmosphere.”  Now with Amanda’s participation, that sense of community is being developed, supported, experienced, and celebrated at Makers Mill.



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