Our People

Without people, Makers Mill would just be an empty building with a bunch of tools collecting dust!

There is a person (or several) behind every tool, class, policy, and paintbrush. Nothing just “happens” without first being someone’s idea, and then that person, or group of people, bringing the idea to fruition. So, to anyone who has ever lifted a finger to help out, taken the time to offer feedback, spread the word to friends or colleagues, or made a contribution of any kind; we salute you!  You are our people. You are the Makers Mill community.

We have a certain cast of characters, however, who deserve special recognition.

These are our Circle Members, or those who we sometimes refer to as the “Deciders”.  These are the people who serve on a committee, a.k.a. Circle, and are responsible for making decisions within that committee’s domain, to achieve its aim.  You can read more about our governance model here.

Would you or someone you know be interested in joining a Circle? Nominate yourself or others using this form. 

Use the tabs below to see who serves on each committee.

Circle Members

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