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Bye, Bye Robert's Rules.

Hello, Dynamic Governance!

We use a governing model known as Sociocracy, or also what we prefer, "Dynamic Governance".  We use this as our rulebook for making decisions and getting work done in a way that's efficient, inclusive, and effective.  Robert's Rules is old news! (No offense, Robert!)

Not every person needs to be involved in every decision.  But every decision should have certain people involved.  Clarity about who decides what, and how those decisions are made, creates an environment where everyone can bring their best selves to the process.

We take our governance seriously because we believe that doing so leads to greater efficiency and more robust decisions and solutions.

The three main components of Sociocracy are:

  • Organizational structure by linked circles, each with a clear purpose (aim) and delineated area of responsibility (domain).
  • Decision making by consent, defined as having no “reasoned objections”, and can pass the “good enough for now, safe enough to try?” test!
  • Continuous evolution through feedback, simply meaning each circle is committed to ongoing feedback and continual learning about governance, communication, and the content of the circle’s work.

To learn more about Sociocracy visit Sociocracy for All

Our Advisory Council

Hatch Makerspace
Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center
Museum of Science, Boston
Lakes Region Technology Center
Wentworth Economic Development Corp.
Lakes Region Community College
UNH Coop Extension
Parker Island Growth Strategy Advisors
Hannah Grimes Center
UNH Coop Extension
Artists For Humanity
Northern Human Service & MWV Job Development Coalition

Our Building Design Council

A collaboration of people with knowledge, experience, vision, and enthusiasm who work with our contracted architectural team to translate the community’s expressed desires for this makerspace into designs and systems that will provide a functional, flexible, code-compliant building that inspires makers - on budget!

Elena Piekut
Evan Henderson
Liz Kelly
Aimee S. Bentley
Audrey Cline
Mark Hempton
Timmothy Otterbach
Kenneth Freitag
Dave Bolduc
Josh Arnold
The Architectural Design Team

The GALA Makerspace Design Team is composed of Leslie Benson, Principal of Leslie Benson Designs; Steve Hoffman, Architect; and Scott Simons Architects (SSA), all based in Portland, Maine.

"Our team is very excited to be working with G.A.L.A. and the greater Wolfeboro community on this project. We believe in G.A.L.A.’s mission and we believe that this Makerspace project will really enhance the community. We invite everyone in the community to come to the project meetings to share in the process and help make this project the best it can be.

We are a team with diverse skills and experience, united in our commitment to working on projects that support communities. We share common values, as well as an approach to design that is grounded in engaging our clients in an inclusive dialogue, facilitating a collaborative design process, implementing sustainable building practices, and discovering creative and resourceful ways to meet a project’s goals. Collectively we bring to the table a broad portfolio of past work, with a particular expertise in dramatically transforming and revitalizing existing buildings. We have worked with many communities and community-based organizations such as G.A.L.A., engaging local stakeholders in the design process to create facilities that inspire and empower."

Our Branding & Communications Circle

A collaboration of people with knowledge, experience, vision, and enthusiasm who are helping with the rebranding from G.A.L.A. to Makers Mill, including logo design, new website, branding assets, and communication across platforms.  Included on this team is independent designer, Seth Gregory, working to help develop a brand that honors and leverages the legacy of G.A.L.A., while positioning the Makers Mill to attract new members and forge new partnerships to meet the organization’s evolved mission.

Michele Talwani
Stephanie McLaughlin
Adam Dow
Lynn Post
Matt Trahan
Morgen Allain
Carol Holyoake
Amy Sterndale
Amy Becker
Josh Arnold
Seth Gregory

Interested in helping? We love volunteers!

Volunteers are the heart, soul, and engine of this work!  There is no way we could have come this far without the thousands of hours invested by community members like you. Our volunteers are everything and we strive to make the volunteer experience meaningful, productive, and fun!

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