Day Pass: $35

As you may have noticed, membership runs on a monthly or annual basis.  But what if you just want to use the makerspace for a day or two?  Meet the Day Pass.

  • Valid for one 9am to 5pm time block, Monday to Friday
  • Must complete and sign the Day Pass User Agreement and Liability Waiver.
  • Need to be safety-certified on the tools/equipment to be used, therefore plan ahead to obtain this certification prior to use of a Day Pass.
  • Do not have to be affiliated with a Member, as is the case with a Guest Pass.
  • Not eligible for discounts on classes, programs, or events.
  • This is not a membership.
  • Only available for sale on-site at Makers Mill.

Note: Days Pass users are encouraged to attend a Shop Member Orientation.  Day Pass users also need to complete Tool Safety Trainings (TSAs) like everyone else before using certain equipment, so getting the most out of your Day Pass requires planning ahead.  After looking through the Day Pass User Agreement, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about what is or is not included in the Day Pass which is only available for sale at Makers Mill.

Guest Pass: Free

We love introducing more people to Makers Mill! Guest Passes are for Shop Members who need help with or consultation on a project they are working on.

If you simply want to introduce a friend to the space, the best thing to do is bring them to one of our Facility Tours that occur every Friday and the first Saturday of the month from 10 - 11:30 AM, all of which are listed on our Events page. That being said, a member may give their guest a tour as long as they accompany their guest at all times.

  • Shop Members in good standing may receive up to 4 guest passes per month.
  • Guest passes must be booked in advance (preferably 24-48 hours' notice) with management.
  • A Guest Pass is valid for ONE 24-hour period.
  • Guests must check in on arrival at the Greeters Desk to sign the Guest Agreement and the  Makers Mill General Liability Waiver and access their name tag.
  • Guests must wear their name tag while in the building.
  • Guests must be accompanied by their Shop Member at all times while on the Makers Mill premises.
  • Guests may not use any tools or equipment requiring Tool Safety Training/Assessment unless they have completed the relevant TSA
  • A Guest is not eligible for discounts on classes, programs, or events.
  • A guest pass is not a membership.
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