NH Gives Day:Help us get the doors open this summer!

NH Gives Day is a 24 hour period of generosity from 5pm on Tuesday, June 7 to 5pm Wednesday, June 8. Hosted by the NH Center for Nonprofits, NH Gives is the state’s largest day-of-giving – bringing together hundreds of nonprofits and tens of thousands of donors to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the causes served by NH’s nonprofit sector.

There’s a lot hinging on today

There is a lot hinging on this year’s NH Gives day for Makers Mill – Carroll County’s first dedicated community makerspace and vocation hub. The success of this year’s campaign will have a big impact on our readiness to open our doors this August to a space and programs where people can come to learn, teach, practice, create, and collaborate around a wide variety of skills and crafts that support personal, professional, and community goals.

If there ever was a home stretch, we have arrived, and we’re asking you to join us in making our opening day a great success as we switch gears from fundraising for bricks and mortar, to fundraising for tools and equipment to stock our shops for woodwork, metalwork & machining, jewelry & metalsmithing, fiber arts, fine arts, crafts, electronics & robotics, and so much more. Check out the building progress transformation in this photo album!

We gotten this far because of you

Thank you for your new, or continued support, in helping us fulfill our mission to enrich lives and foster fulfilling livelihoods by bringing people together to discover, cultivate, and share their unique gifts and skills. Your gift may be the magic that enables an entrepreneur to invent a prototype, an artist to create a masterpiece, or someone to step (back) into the workplace with the confidence that comes from upskilling.

The story of Makers Mill begins with a community potluck during the winter of 2006 in Wolfeboro, NH.  Those around the table that night were inspired by the phrase “think globally, act locally,” and started referring to themselves as G.A.L.A., for Global Awareness Local Action.  Over the next decade, this group evolved into a well-respected nonprofit that organized an array of initiatives and workshops around local food systems, energy conservation, and sustainable community building. 

But it was the hands-on workshops that seemed to strike a particular chord among the community. The workshops brought people together around making, fixing, and inventing, and it turned out there was a name for this phenomenon – “the maker movement.”  Leadership embraced this discovery and began, in earnest, to establish the county’s first community makerspace and vocation hub – Makers Mill. 

In the fall of 2017 Makers Mill found a home – a 10k sq ft commercial building at 23 Bay St. in Wolfeboro, NH.  The purchase was made possible by a grant from Northern Borders Regional Commission, matched by a local crowdfunding campaign.  

The next 3 years were dedicated to a community-led design process, architectural and engineering work, environmental assessments, and lots and lots of fundraising. Makers Mill officially “broke ground” in June 2021 and we are now on the cusp of receiving our certificate of occupancy exactly one year later. 

Here’s what you can expect

As our hired contractors begin to wind down, our volunteers are ramping up.  A team of 20+ volunteer “pilots” have been working around the clock to prepare Makers Mill for a late summer 2022 opening.  Thanks to all of this hard work and planning, here is what you can expect . . . .


Entrepreneur Support: Business planning and incubation resources, tools for rapid prototyping, and a creative co-working environment

Career Advancement: Resume building, interview skills, coaching, credentialing, and mentorship

Workforce Training & Trades: Upskilling, employer-driven curriculum, and apprenticeships


Building Belonging: Making friends, building community, finding purpose and meaning 

Emotional Wellness: Developing agency and resilience, supporting mental health 

Social Impact: Creative placemaking, equitable development, community art projects


Creativity and Play: Tinkering Tuesdays, design challenges, problem-solving games

Practical Skills: Repair Cafe, financial literacy, computer basics, tool safety and competency

Sustainability: Gardening, homesteading, up-cycling, energy saving

We look forward to an opportunity to give you a tour one day or welcoming you as a member. However,  in the meantime, know that your gift is helping to give access to all levels of makers: students, hobbyists, and professionals; providing a place where people feed off one another’s interests, curiosity, enthusiasm, ideas, feedback, and projects; and facilitating collaboration, mentorship, and learning exchanges.

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