Makers Mill Workspaces

Makers Mill offers 10,000 sq.ft. of workspaces partitioned into medium-specific studios.

Click the links below to learn more about each Workspace.

Working Independently

If you have taken classes or you are already experienced in a particular medium, you may be proficient enough to work independently in the shop.  However, all participants and members are required to undertake a shop orientation and be familiar with all the safety sheets posted throughout the space as well as the etiquette of how to use the collaborative shared space.  You can arrange to do this during the shop’s Support Hours, viewable on the events calendar.

Additional Spaces for Use

Electronics and Robotics Shop

We have an electronics corner contained within the Metalsmithing Shop with 4 soldering stations,“quad-hands”, step motors, circuit boards, computers, etc.  Bring in your Arduino boards and raspberry pi’s to play with and let’s have some fun!

Bicycle Bench

A workstation for fixing and maintaining your bicycle - so you can get out and enjoy the winding rural roads or the nearby single track trails established by Wolfeboro Single Track Alliance.  This work bench includes all your basic bike maintenance tools, including a stand, a couple pumps, and a tire truing tool.

Large Flex Room (downstairs)

We have a large area downstairs that we refer to as our “flex” room, because it’s meant to be flexible.  This is a space that can be utilized or rented by other community groups or businesses for events such as birthday parties, game nights, chocolate tastings, etc.  When the space is not reserved for an event or class, there are sections which can be rented by the day or week by Members for working on large projects, like building a table.

Small Flex Office (upstairs)

We also have a small “flex” room upstairs where we have regularly scheduled career and business coaching that you'll find posted on our events page.


We have a small kitchenette were members are welcome to make a cuppa’ coffee or tea, warm up their lunch, use the fridge, or just hang out at the “water cooler” to catch up.

Some basics for using Workspaces

  • Independent use of the workspaces is available to Members only.
  • Others may enjoy these spaces during one of our public classes or our monthly “open studio” nights, both of which you will find on our events page.


When we talk about consumables, we are referring to the screws and nails, blades and bits, nuts and bolts, paper and paints, soldering wire and filament, etc. - all the things that come with the territory of making, fixing, and repairing.

  • In most cases, Members are responsible for procuring their own consumables.
  • If what you need is here, however, it is available for your use after checking the policy with the one of the shop volunteers. There may be a small fee required.
  • More about etiquette and policies related to consumables is found in the Makers Mill Handbook and given at the Orientation.
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