Award winning makerspace.

On June 28th, a full house of students and professionals was in attendance for a ceremony honoring the 2023 recipients of Plan NH’s Merit Award of Excellence.  Makers Mill Executive Director, Josh Arnold, accepted the honor which recognizes “outstanding projects [in NH] that incorporate good planning, design, and/or development and have a positive impact on their respective communities.” 

“We’re really honored to be given this award,” said Arnold. “It represents years of dedication from hundreds of volunteers working alongside our design/build teams, and demonstrates how important this space is to the people in our community.  We’ll continue to look for ways to provide educational and cultural opportunities for everyone.”

Why Makers Mill was chosen…

Makers Mill was chosen by a distinguished jury of professionals whose comments included:

  • Great space for bringing people together and fostering collaboration among the makers.
  • The Repair Cafe is really impressive – something that should be replicated in every town.
  • Creating a place like Makers Mill allows individuals to come together over common interests and learn skills they otherwise may not be able to learn.
  • Rehabbing an existing building helped integrate this project into the community and offered new ways for local residents to be involved in project development.

The team who made it possible…

Sharing in the award were the design/build teams of Milestone Construction, Simons Architects, and Leslie Benson Designs who worked to bring the Makers Mill building to its present state as a multi-function, diverse, community center. 

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