Makers Mill and Carroll County 4-H launch 4-H Movers & Makers to empower young makers as community problem solvers.

Benjamin King and Claes Thelemarck working on arduino breadboard

Makers Mill, in partnership with Carroll County 4-H, has received a generous $10,000 Charitable Grant from Eversource Energy.  The grant will support the implementation of “4-H Movers and Makers”, a 4-H club where kids learn to be empowered makers and apply those skills to problem-solving in their communities. 

Participants in 4H Movers & Makers will start out learning skills such as 3-D printing, sewing, woodworking, electronics, metalworking, and more.  They will then be supported in identifying local challenges and problems that they care about, as well as inventing solutions to address those challenges.  Some ideas, such as inventing adaptive tools and household items to help people with limited mobility, have already been proposed.  Other ideas involve meeting with local farmers to learn how arduino and sensors can assist in irrigation automation and other farm chores.  Most importantly, based on their interests, participants will be the ones to decide which challenges they want to tackle.

Beginning in fall of 2023, the after school 4-H club invites youths ages 8-14 to work with mentors at Makers Mill on fun projects with wood, 3-D printed plastics, fabric and metal.  They will then learn to add electrical circuits for light, motion, and sensing capabilities.  To ensure the success of this program, Makers Mill and Carroll County 4H are inviting adults who want to support local youth to consider becoming one of the Maker Mentors.  There are also opportunities available for volunteers willing to share their technical skills in woodworking, fiber arts, electronics, machining, and more during select afternoon program sessions.

If you are interested in becoming a Maker Mentor, or know of a youth age 8-14 who might be interested in participating in the year-long program, or just curious about how to get involved and support the program, please contact Greg Hufford at

About Makers Mill: Makers Mill is a nonprofit Community Makerspace & Vocation Hub that exists to enrich rural lives and foster fulfilling livelihoods by bringing people together to discover, cultivate, and share their unique gifts and skills.

About 4-H:  4-H is the youth development organization of UNH Extension. 4-H Provides opportunities for youth to acquire knowledge, develop life skills, and form attitudes that help them thrive.

About Eversource: Eversource Energy is New England’s largest energy delivery company, and is committed to supporting the communities they service through grants, volunteering, and scholarships

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