The story of the Makers Mill starts with G.A.L.A...

The story of G.A.L.A. began with a potluck supper in the winter of 2006 when a small group of community members came together to ask themselves, “How can we be the change we want to see in the world?”  The group was inspired by the phrase “think globally, act locally,” and started referring to themselves as G.A.L.A., for Global Awareness Local Action.  They started organizing efforts to support food systems and energy conservation.

Initial actions included establishing a farmers market; town agricultural commission and town energy committee; hosting study circles and educational film screenings; and installing gardens at schools, food pantries, and community spaces.

G.A.L.A. quickly became a respected nonprofit in Carroll County, NH, gaining membership, volunteers, and donor support along the way.  Over time, G.A.L.A. organized many community events including town cleanup day, farm to table feast, and monthly contra dances at the town hall.

Over the course of a decade, G.A.L.A.’s impact on the community and environment grew and deepened.

The most popular programs became the hands-on workshops covering such topics as bicycle maintenance, composting, sewing, food preservation, plant identification, boat-building, electrical theory, and seemingly everything in between.

What became clear from these workshops, however, was that the practical skills being taught were secondary to the community building that resulted from bringing people together around hands-on learning.  G.A.L.A. had struck a chord: people were craving hands-on educational, community-building experiences.  People wanted to build things, make things, fix and repair things, and they wanted to do it together, with others from their community.

By early 2016, G.A.L.A.’s Board started to learn there was a name for this phenomenon: the maker movement.

Makerspace planning meeting

The maker movement gave language to what G.A.L.A. had been doing all along: hands-on education, collaboration, incubation, problem-solving, and community building.

That winter it was decided: G.A.L.A. would search for a building to establish Carroll County’s first dedicated community makerspace.

The following two years were dedicated to finding the right building, raising funds to buy said building, engaging the community in setting goals for the makerspace, developing floor plans and programs to reflect those goals, and continued fundraising to bring those plans and programs to life.

This exciting organizational leap warranted an update in G.A.L.A.’s branding, hence the new name and logo: Makers Mill, Community Makerspace & Vocation Hub.  An all-star volunteer committee assisted this creative process and we could not be more thrilled with the outcome!

Learn more about the community-led design process for the Makerspace, including hard hat tours, visioning nights, strategic planning process, the architect team, and Crow Bar Crew.

Join our Tool Kitty Campaign!

Now that Phase 1 construction is complete, it's time to outfit the newly renovated space with tools and equipment. It is all starting to feel so much more real don't you think!?

Last year we ran a very successful Tool Raiser program that brought in some pre-loved equipment and tools for the shops, but there are still some very specialized items we need such as a panel saw, chop saw, plasma cutter, a large anvil, metal fabrication table, laser cutter, CNC router, 3D printer, and more.

Join our Tool Kitty Campaign to help stock the makerspace with tools and equipment so we are ready to hit the road running when the doors open!

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