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Furniture Decorating Techniques - Chalk Painting & Clay or Resin Molds Part 1

2/16/2024 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET

Furniture Decorating Techniques: Chalk Painting and Clay or Resin Molds

This is a two-part class designed to transform ordinary furniture into something personalized and revitalized. You may do either one (chalk painting or molds), or both classes (chalk painting AND molds).

In the first part, you will learn how to leverage the qualities of chalk paint to begin the transformation of your piece.  In part two, you will finish decorating and embellishing your piece with clay or resin molding and in the process, transform its character into something entirely personalized.  The time in between classes will allow the project to dry.

Projects could inlcude: a small piece of furniture or a small trunk, garden pot, suitcase or other decor item.

Introduction to Furniture Decorating

- Understanding the importance (and fun!) of furniture decorating

- Exploring different styles and trends in furniture decoration

- Overview of the impact of personalized furniture on interior design

Part 1. Chalk Painting Techniques - Friday, February 16 from 10am to 1pm

- Introduction to chalk paint and its unique properties

- Proper surface preparation and priming

- Hands-on application techniques for achieving various finishes

- Distressing and aging effects for a vintage appeal

- Sealants and finishes for long-lasting results

Part 2.  Clay or Resin Molds - Friday, March 22 from 10am to 1pm

- Introduction to clay molds and resins, and their versatility

- Creating and customizing clay and resin molds for specific projects

- Proper application of clay and resin molds on furniture surfaces

- Techniques for blending clay and resin mold embellishments seamlessly

- Finishing touches and sealing for durability

By the end of this course, participants will have acquired the skills and confidence to transform mundane furniture into captivating pieces of functional art. Whether you're a hobbyist looking to enhance your home decor or an aspiring furniture decorator, this course provides a solid foundation in chalk painting and clay and resin mold techniques. Join us on a creative journey to bring life and personality to furniture through the magic of decoration.    

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You should be able to easily carry your project piece to the classroom. It should be small enough to fit on our work tables that you will be sharing with other students. Your project piece should be cleaned prior to bringing it to class. A little Dawn dish detergent in water is a good choice. Do not soak the wood, you just want to clean the surface. DO NOT sand your piece prior to class. If you have a painted or varnished surface that is chipping and peeling, this is NOT a good choice for this project.

Please read our Class Attendee Policy prior to class.

Location: Second Floor Mixed Media Space accessible via stairs or elevator.

Class Size:  minimum 2 and maximum 6.      Age Group:  18+

Registration Fee:  $40 non-members and $32 members
Non-members will need to sign our General Waiver prior to class.

Materials Fee:  $15 payable at the time of registration for paints and molds.

Instructor:  Phyllis MacDonald
Phyllis has had extensive study in the arts and uses many different mediums to create her art. Much of her knowledge has been through playing with different mediums until she perfects her art awareness. Phyllis owned a successful shop in Wolfeboro (Decor Fleurish) where she sold upcycled furniture, creative handmade home and garden decor, artwork, and her services as a custom furniture and decor specialist. 

Phyllis is an expert at furniture painting, creative design, and has landed at Makers Mill to share her extensive knowledge with the community.



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