Digital Design & Fabrication

Have you ever found yourself needing a custom part or tool with no off the shelf product out there to suit your needs? Well look no further, because with our shop’s array of high-tech production equipment, the sky has no limits!

Bring Seemingly Impossible Ideas Into Reality

Elevate your capabilities as a maker and watch your dreams and ideas turn into reality with our selection of high-end 3D printers and laser engravers.


Need an incredibly strong and durable part? Utilizing our Creality K1 3D printer and carbon fiber infused filament, your creation will be guaranteed to hold up to the task! What about a custom made flexible rubber phone case? Just swap out the 3D printer’s filament for some of our flexible TPU and watch in awe as your design comes to life!


Need something cut or engraved on wood, acrylic, or leather? Whether it’s a custom sign, engraved plaque, or flat pieces to assemble into a three dimensional model, our GlowForge can handle it all and has you covered. Just fire up our GlowForge laser engraver and load your material then sit back and watch as your design is precisely engraved and cut out by an ultra high-powered laser beam! 


Does this all sound like science fiction to you? Well believe it or not, as a shop member at the Makers Mill you can get certified to use any of these machines and be off to races creating things you never thought you could!

What’s Ours Is Yours!

Interested in 3D printing or laser engraving? We’ve got you covered with our inventory of state-of-the-art machines to help you turn your ideas into tangible objects faster than ever before!


Check out a few of our current machines as well as upcoming additions below:

Current equipment, creality k1 3d printer and glowforge laser cutter
new  equipment

Important Shop Information

With the exciting upcoming renovations to Makers Mill Digital Design & Fabrication shop, we will be temporarily relocating the shop’s equipment to a section of the Fine Arts shop for the duration of the construction. Once the renovations are complete, our shop will be better than ever with more workspace and many exciting new pieces of equipment! Stay tuned for more updates.

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