Let's give a big shout-out to our local business supporters!

One of the significant milestones that  enabled G.A.L.A. to purchase and renovate a building for the makerspace, was the $275,000 in tax credits from the NH Community Development Finance Authority. Once combined with other grants and donations, the Makers Mill dream was well on its way to becoming reality.

The NH CDFA Tax Credit Program allows businesses to direct their taxes to rigorously vetted nonprofit development organizations for innovative projects that show a high degree of community support, build partnerships and leverage other funds. 

Participating in the CDFA tax credit program is a unique and attractive way for a business to contribute to a charitable cause for three main reasons:

  • CDFA has done the vetting for you

    through a competitive grant application process, verifying G.A.L.A.'s 501(c)3 status and identifying the project’s viability and alignment with NH economic development goals.

  • Stretch the impact of your donation.

    For example, after federal deduction, a $1,000 out-of-pocket donation translates to approximately $11,000 toward the selected project.

  • You can direct where your tax money goes.

    This unique program allows a business to direct its state tax liability to a local project they care about as opposed to the state general fund.

The Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) Tax Credit Program is actually very simple, so we'll try not to overcomplicate it for you: Businesses that donate to a CDFA-approved project can get at least 75% of that contribution back in the form of a state business tax credit.


Green Mountain Communications is very excited to participate in the GALA Makers Mill Project. Developing new skills will benefit local business and will create career growth opportunities.

Catherine & Victor Drouin

Vice President & President Green Mountain Communications

“Makers Mill will provide the skills and resources necessary to ensure that local people can empower themselves to prepare for meaningful and necessary careers as the economy recovers from the current pandemic”

Rick Wyman

President of Meredith Village Savings Bank

"The team at G.A.L.A. is committed to the important work of creating locally-focused opportunities for education and collaboration and I'm excited to see the social and economic impact that this project makes!"

Nathan Dickey

Owner of Keller Williams Coastal Realty and Keller Williams Lakes & Mountains Realty

As small business owners, this is the kind of project we want to see succeed because we know it will help make our community more attractive and accommodating for young families to settle, as well as our businesses to grow.

Vincent Dufort and Rebecca Carter

Branch & Bloom Florist

"As a small business owner, the Makers Mill makerspace is the kind of project I want to see succeed because I know it will help make our community more attractive and accommodating for young families to settle, as well as businesses to grow."

Brendan Carrier

Owner, Carrier Building and Development

"We are greatly struggling to find additional employees with a technical skill set...and are optimistic about the potential collaboration with the Makers Mill makerspace."

Tim Caravella

CEO, Technicoil

A big THANK YOU to these companies for investing in Carroll County’s future. These far-sighted and community-minded investors understand that a driving goal of Makers Mill is to help close the workforce skills-gap, allowing for business growth, job creation, and regional economic development.

Bradley's Hardware
Branch & Bloom Florist
Carroll County Landscape
Green Mountain Communications
Healing Frontiers
Keller Williams Lakes & Mountains Realty
Made on Earth

Meredith Village Savings Bank
Milestone Engineering
Mill Street Meat Market
PSI Plastics
Spider Web Gardens
Stanley Elevator
The Hearing Aid Shop
Wolfeboro Family Dental

The Makers Mill makerspace will support career goals, business incubation, workforce training, and learning and engagement opportunities for all ages. 
Meredith Village Savings Bank donates tax credits
Bradley’s Hardware donates tax credits
Mill Street Meat Market donates tax credits
Wolfeboro Family Dental donates tax credits
Keller Williams donates tax credits to makerspace
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