There are many ways to make Makers Mill work for you!


Maybe you’re excited about the public classes and workshops to learn or advance skills? Tell us what topics you’d like to learn about and we’ll be sure to reach out when a class is being offered in that genre.


Maybe you have skills in one of these areas and you’d like to pass them on by offering a class.  If that’s the case, tell us more about the skills you’d like to share and we can work with you in developing a class for the community.


Or perhaps you want to use the workspaces and studios for your own independent project or hobby, in which case you’ll want to learn more about our Membership or Pass options. You can learn more about what we have available to use and borrow on our Tools & Equipment page.

Rent Space

Are you a community organization or business looking for event or meeting space? We have that too!

Email or call us at 603-569-1500.

Vocational Resources

Career Support

Are you exploring career opportunities or transition? Ask us about career coaching sessions and resources!

Email or call us at 603-569-1500.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a business? Ask us about how we can help incubate and support you!

Email or call us at 603-569-1500.

Workforce Development

Are you a business owner looking for workforce development support, or tools to ramp up your in-house marketing?  Let’s see if we can help!

Email or call us at 603-569-1500.

Like we said, there are so many different ways to access and make the most of Makers Mill to meet your personal, professional, and community goals.  And if after exploring all the options listed here you’re still not finding what you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help think creatively about meeting your needs.

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